someone stop me before I order a pizza 


Guys, please, I am literally begging you. Pleasereblog my selling and commissions posts. They have me scheduled for one four hour shift next week. I am making NO money at all and I have bills pilling up.

Here’s my cosplay sale post

Here’s my commissions post

Here’s a link to my Facebook album selling various items

I’m so close to just giving up on everything because nothing I do works, I beg my bosses for more hours every chance I get and they don’t schedule me because they don’t like me. The only reason I can think of is because I’m openly transgender. I beg and grovel for my followers, or anyone, to at least signal boost my posts.

I’m not asking for donations, I’m giving you something for your money. Please.

man I miss animal crossing


at the end of the day im the most important person in my cats life and thats all that really matters 

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